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Paul Ryan Calls Rape “Just Another Method of Conception”!

By Bifford Caulfied — The Romney campaign has worked hard to hide who Paul Ryan is from the American people.  When asked about controversial positions, he has simply said that the campaign is not about what he, Paul Ryan, believes — but what Mitt Romney believes.  Despite the big thrill that coming from the position of a guy is who a reputed “go to” guy, but who has gotten two of his bills passed into law in 12 years (one of which was to rename a Post Office) —  it still must have been a little galling to concede every policy position that you have taken in Congress as a matter of principle to try to protect the hidden identity of the Presidential candidate you are running for office with.

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So yesterday, when Paul Ryan was asked directly if he thought the un-wanted child of a rape was the will of God, he had just about had it.  My position has never waivered, he said.  I am pro-life.  And pro-life is my position regardless of the method of conception.  Rape — a method of conception.  That’s like calling murder — a method of passing away.

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Either the education system in this country has rapidly gotten a lot worse — or the average IQ of Congressional members has in-explicitly plunged.  So many of the so-called “party gurus” can’t seem to talk themselves out of a wet paper bag that it makes you wonder how we even have a functoning government after all these years.   Well — come to think of it — maybe that’s why we haven’t had a “functioning” government these last few years.