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Greece Is The New Iraq — Taken Down, Austeritized, Privatized, Parted Out and Sold For Junk By Bankers and Politicians: The Greek People Be Damned!

By Bifford Caulfied –– After all the turmoil in Greece — the result seems to be that Greece is being parted out, surrendering its sovereignty — and is vying for the title of the newest “banana republic” — only in Europe instead of South America.

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First, the world bankers, led apparently by Goldman Sachs, who structured Greece’s financing in a way that guaranteed it would fail –– and simultaneously come totally under the sway — and fall prey to the whims of Wall-Street with regard to rolling over existing debt — and whether or not it was short-term or long term — and what interest rates the world community might provide them when they refinanced.  Goldman Sachs, it is even said, was so certain that the result of their expensive advice and financial structuring and re-structuring would be that the Greek government would fail —  that they bought credit default swaps — essentially betting that the deal they worked out for Greece would guarantee they would fail — and that Goldman then would make lots of money by advising Greece to do those same things that would cause them to fail — and then make even more money when they did.

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And now, after citizens rioted in the streets for weeks, burning buildings, some even committing suicide rather than face the grim reality offered Greek citizens by banker demanded “austerity” measures — accepted and implemented by their bought and paid for politician lackeys  — and after multiple governments and their officials falling, resigning, or collapsing under the pressure from Greek citizens rebelling against horrific “austerity” measures demanded by bankers to try to protect them from losing money at the Greek citizens’ expense — the new three party coalition government just doubled down.

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Yannis Stournaras, the latest finance minister for the freshly seated coalition government announced it will try and get Greece out of its deep recession by encouraging private investment and making privatization its “highest priority”, said Saturday.   I suspect that means that it will try and get bankers out of their deep distress that the money they speculated with may be lost, and these are steps to try and protect them — or at least sell them assets very cheaply so they can recoup their investments in other ways.

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On just the second day of the new governments policy platform debates, Stournaras told parliament that, “The privatization program aims at attracting important international capital that will be invested mainly in property development and infrastructure.”  Stournaras further stated that the government plans to give priority to 28 privatizations, including the state natural gas, water and betting companies (whatever that is), the development of the former Athens airport, other airports, yacht marinas, the state railways and the sale and leaseback of 28 state properties.  The privatization of Public Power Corporation will come at a later state, Stournaras said. In other words,  after riots, burning, suicides, governments ousted or collapsing, new governments elected after trying and failing — pretty much all in response to the demands of world bankers that Greece submit to “structural readjustment”, which basically means that everything of sovereign value to the Greeks as a people, with be parted out and sold to corporate bidders, and that citizens will lose their financial security, well-being, and hope for a better future — just to satisfy the bankers and the political henchmen that they pay to look out for their financial interests.

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This is almost exactly what we did to Iraq, except that initially we led with military “shock and awe” to destabilize the country, force Sadam Hussein out of his palaces and on the run, resulting in the government of Iraq collapsing — creating an enormous temporary political, financial, business, and social vacuum and chaos — and then we fired all public servants and employees — privatized everything in the country and parted it out — so we could sell, lease, or rent all the sovereign assets of the Iraqi people to foreign corporations so they could make huge profits from the financial windfalls of  the “shock and awe” facilitated “structural adjustment” of Iraq from a sovereign  (although sometimes geo-politically problematic) country into a new experiment in privatizing sovereign countries and governments  — in the name of profits for empire. 

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When the financiers and politicians are done with Greece  — Iraq and Greece will look very similar.  Two countries of broken, ruined, impoverished, and miserable people who have been sacrificed on the holy alter of monopoly crony free market capitalism and neo-liberalism and the necessity and the realty that the mission of global politics now is to put corporate profits above the well-being, needs and sovereignty of the citizens of the country, and to subjugate sovereign, elected, independent governments to the obsessive, unrelenting, and merciless pressure to turn-over all their assets and revenue producing public services and utilities so corporations can make excessive, low risk profits from selling essentially confiscated assets and services back to the people they confiscated them from at a profit.  Greece is now for sale — more than likely to the lowest — or most politically or financially connected corrupt and inhumane corporate bidder.  Very sad for the Greek people — and the world of democracy — indeed!