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What Obama Meant To Say Was — The Private Equity Economy — and the Wall Street Bankers — Are Doing Fine!

By Tony Petramonico — Now it wasn’t so long ago — or should we start by saying, “Once upon a time in a Republican campaign fairy tale, during the time out for the Gaffe of the Day moment from Romney — he said, and I quote — “The poor are fine — they have their programs and things.”  To be accompanied by, “I like firing people!”  We bet you do Mitt.  If only we lived in a country where you could legally eat one of your multiple wives — immediately after having unprotected sex with her  — or eat one of your children — I bet you’d like that, too!   Of course, first, you would need to loan the child to come to you and ask to borrow money to go to college — like you recommended — and then you eat them — in order to avoid loaning them money for school.  That’s what rich would do, isn’t it.  Eat their young, if it would create — or save — more assets for them to compound daily.   And of course, it would be silly to eat your young after they finished college — because then you would already have wasted your money — and you wouldn’t have your indentured servant either.

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Yeah, it’s not often that President Obama steps on it — but he’s human (er, make the Kenyan) –– and when you give as many public speeches as he does, it is inevitable that sooner or later a random synapse firing is going to create a “talk-out” moment for you.  And it is pretty easy to understand why he was thinking the private economy is doing pretty good — Wall Street-wise, speaking.

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And anyway — even if he made two Joe Biden class gaffes a week — Romney would still have him beat by at least 2 to 1 — Romney just can’t talk and think at the same time.  Never has been able too.  And — he does his best thinking when he has a very sharp pencil in his hand.  Or as Mitt calls it — his super-computer.

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Let’s face it – when Mitt Romney make political calculations — he uses a slide rule.