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Paul Ryan Told Big Lie # 2 When He Said Obama the Auto Plant in Janesville, WI Closed Under President Obama!

By Johnny Tremaine — It was clear to everyone that Paul Ryan was trying to create the impression that the auto plant that closed in Ryan’s hometown — closed after Candidate Obama promised to save it — and then the President “cold-heartedly” stood by and just let it close and put all those hard-working Wisconsinites out of work — many of whom were his high school classmates and buddies.

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The reality, as everyone in Janesville and Congress, and most of the people in the country knew — was that the plant actually ceased produced its last American vehicle on December 23, 2008, while George W. Bush was still President.  Political pundits and hard-core operatives pondered why Paul Ryan would risk walking out on a national stage clearly telling a lie that everyone in his district and half the people in the country would know was a lie — or at least an exaggeration and manipulation of the truth within 10 minutes of him saying it.  It all fairness — Ryan did not tell an outright fabrication — he actually said that after Obama said on the campaign trail that if the United States government could help out — the plant had a chance to be there for another 100 years — but “in less than a year the plant was closed”.

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That’s true.  Actually is was even faster than Ryan made it sound.  I think it was closed in a couple of months — before Obama even became President and had the chance to do anything about it.  The closure was planned for months before it closed, like most major plant closings.  Paul Ryan knew about it — and as far as we know he did nothing about a plant closing in his district –as a member of the House of Representatives either.\

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Another curious thing to a lot of us who were keenly aware of Ryan’s effort to manipulate the facts to create a narrative of an uncaring Obama who didn’t fulfil his promises — is that there was another auto-plant in Ryan’s district that actually did close after Barack Obama became President — which he could have used in his story and faced virtually no criticism for playing fast and loose with the facts.  The only reason he did what he did — as far as most of us can tell — was that by using the plant in Janesville — he must have actually had a person or two that he attended classes with at some point — and the campaign thought that a story that would portray him, Paul Ryan, as having “buddies” and “friends” from high school that worked at the Janesville plant — who because of Obama — lost their jobs.  We guess that it seemed really advantageous to the Romney intelligensia to be able to portray Ryan as coming from a working class background with “working class” or “middle classs friends — in the same way that he prostituted his mother around in Florida pretending that that she and his grandmother would be dependent on Medicare for the healthcare in their aging and infirm years.  The women are quite well-to-do — and have plenty of money to provide for their care — health and otherwise — whether Medicare stays or goes.  It was all just imaging and posturing — trying to create a cover for his draconian and unpopular effort and proposal to try and do away with Medicare as we know it.

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The politician’s folly.  Stretching and contorted the truth to the point of actually lying about something that is easily disproven for the petty advantage of looking good — or just slightly better — considering the self-created circumstances.  It must be a little unnerving to be a candidate for political office and your main problem in getting elected is the kind of person you “actually” are –and the kinds of bills you’ve sponsored and programs and ideas you have championed.  It seems like a well-adjusted normal person (although I grant you that “politician” and normal, well-adjusted person — may be oxymoronic).

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Paul Ryan trying to seem like a middle-class working guy with buddies in the local auto-plant and a poor mother who is dependent on Medicare for her health and well-being in her declining years is pretty bogus for a man who aspires to be viewed as having Vice-Presidential stature — which Paul Ryan clearly doesn’t!