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Until We Get The Money Out Of Politics, The Only Way To Get Anything Done Is Make Sure The Rich Can Make A Lot Of Money While We Do It!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — It has long been taken for granted in the United States that most of the very big decisions, financially, were either made by the defense contractors and other scions of great wealth — or could only be done with their blessings and approval.

Whether that was ever really the case or not, it is certainly true that members of Congress, for the most part, genuflected before great wealth — and then kissed their rings — as an operational stage of good legislating in Washington, and before asking reverently if the legislation proposed or pending suited their every need — or at least, and this reminiscent of the hippocratic oath physicians take — would do them “no harm”.

I have proposed in other writings that we turn the Pentagon from a money-making war machine for defense contractors and other wealthy magnates into a money-making domestic energy, education, and training and research technology equipment and program dynamo.  In the long run, while there is the slight inconvenience of re-tooling to make fortunes doing things that actually benefit people instead of the murder, maiming, mayhem, and destruction which they are so handsomely rewarded for now.

So let’s just accept the fact.  Until the Occupy movement becomes the rank and file of the American middle-class, which might give us a glimmer of hope that we could find a way to get the money out of politics, the only way we are ever going to accomplish anything of worth again in the United States is if the discussion begins with, “how can we make sure the rich make out like bandits”, so we can have their blessing to go ahead and implement policies and programs that actually work for ordinary Americans.  Well, I don’t know.

I thought we tried that with healthcare when, instead of taking the sensible course to healthcare reform and providing a universal healthcare system like most civilized countries have for their citizens, we perverted the mission up front, and started out with, “What plan will make the healthcare and healthcare insurance companies  filthy rich? And how would they like us to deliver the payments to them?  And let’s just go with that one because only then will resistance and big money thrown into the battle against the plan be muted sufficiently enough to give us a fighting chance to do anything anything at all.  They even had a name for it.  Cram down.  And even that is now in jeopardy.  The only thing we can do, since earning money the old fashioned way through crony, monopolistic, rampant free market capitalism and neo-liberalism creates to much “uncertainty” for the princesses of great wealth, is  just give them guaranteed, no bid, profit automatically built-in or added to the end of the contract, so that they can make excessive free market capitalism type profits but in  of a socialist, no risk,  “were all in this together” kind of way.  Just different arms of the government, wrking together, helping each other, in a socialist,  corporate well-fare, were all good Americans doing good things “capitalist” way.

The only other faint glimmer of hope is that out of the Occupy movement might arise a few, courageous, uncorrupted, decent people who would actually run for Congress, get elected by the now-awakened populace, and would actually work on behalf of the constituents they were elected to serve to pass legislation and put in place programs that actually benefited everyday Americans, themselves.