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Paul Ryan Begs Energy Department For The Jobs For Wisconsin — He Says The “Stimulus Bill” Didn’t Create Any of!

By Robert Sexton — Paul Ryan harped about what a failure the “Stimulus” bill was, saying it did nothing — and created no job whatsoever.  When asked, he said he would never have asked for stimulus money for jobs because it didn’t create any — so what what the point have been to ask for some of the money.  Then, when confronted with letters he had written to the Energy Department asking specifically for stimulus money because he said Wisconsin needed them and could benefit from all the jobs the money would create in his district in his home state  — he said that the money that was requested was actually requested by his staff and was done in the conduct of routine constituent services by his staff.  He said that the requests were handled incorrectly — and he took full responsibility for the mistakes.

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What actually happened — was that Paul Ryan disingenuously criticized the “stimulus” as a boondoggle and a mistake that didn’t work –– in public — and then pleaded for money for his district — saying that his district and his states really needed all the jobs the stimulus money would create.  In other words, he lied to the American people — and then he lied again in his explanation of what happened.  Paul Ryan’s problem is that he is dumber than the American people — and it shows — embarrassingly so!  Paul Ryan is not used to being on a national stage — in the limelight — and is making it fairly obvious to Americans that he is not ready for prime time — and certainly is not ready for the job of Vice-President — and certainly not the job of President fo the United States!