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Rand Paul Says “Just Because A Couple of Justices On The Supreme Court Says Something Is “Constitutional” — Does Not Make It So!

By Schnarkay E. Merryman — Cheez, Rand… I think it actually does.  Maybe on the Planet Zuu-Zaa where you’re from it doesn’t  — but here on earth and in the United States of America — at least at this time — when the Supreme Court says something is “Constitutional”, that means — by definition — it is constitutional.  Despite your wishful thinking — and libertarian wish and dream talk.  Rand — you should read a book — and — you should get out more. Seriously.

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It is amazing the fruit-cake has actually been elected Senator — albeit it from Kentucky.  What’s wrong with the air and the water in Kentucky — that it turned out a mutant mind like Rand Paul’s?  Rand must be the mutant political miscreant from some parallel universe United States of America, where Rand Paul like crazies say it and it becomes true by proclamation.