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Obama Team Doesn’t Think Wisconsin Is A Significant Factor in November Relection Campaign?

By Peter Le Force  — Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter in an interview with Chuck Todd said that President Obama has no plans to go to Wisconsin, although he will be appearing in states and cities all around Wisconsin in the next few days.  When queried directly by Todd as to whether or not the Wisconsin recall election between Tom Barrett and Scott Walker might be a harbinger for the November elections, Cutter quite disingenuously stated that the election in Wisconsin was “just a recall election of one man – a governor — in a race with another man challenging him in the recall election.  My view is that she is either lying or too dumb to allowed to be an Obama spokesperson

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The most plausible reason proffered as explanation for Obama’s in-explicit absence from the central theater of the battle for the soul of democracy could only be explained in the context of a calculus that says if he goes to Wisconsin in support of the 99% before the election and then Walker wins the recall election — he will look bad.  I say, who cares?

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We at spotlightondemocracy.com praised the President for showing courage and providing leadership to America on the issue of equality of marriage rights by coming out in support of same-sex marriage.  But to our way of thinking, a more dramatically needed and anticipated act of courage would be for the President to show up in Wisconsin in support of the middle class, labor unions, the working poor, the poor, disabled, the elderly and otherwise vulnerable for any reason that have been disenfranchised by the Citizens United ruling of the Supreme Court — which the President has been outspoken in criticism regarding.

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The President is either politically naive or way too politically calculating  if he is staying away from Wisconsin for political reasons at a time when our democracy actually hangs in the balance — and the ramifications of what happens in the recall election in Wisconsin will reverberate throughout the American political process for years — maybe generations — if things go badly there.  The risk is high — the opportunity for the President to establish unquestionable street cred and progressive political bona-fidas should not be ignored — or shied away from.  There are just some things that are too important to be assessed from the perspective of a pure political calculation — and I hope the President has the intellectual acumen and the moral integrity to realize that this is one of those times.

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If he goes to Wisconsin in support of the ordinary Americans trying to salvage a life worth living — and Tom Barrett wins — it will add tremendous energy and momentum to his and Democratic politicians’  election prospects in November.  If he goes to Wisconsin and rallies support for Tom Barrett, and Scott Walker wins — it will add energy and urgency to his re-election campaign — because he can point to Wisconsin as the rallying cry for democrats and independents to rise to the challenge and join him in preserving the American Dream for future generations.  It’s a no lose proposition for President Obama.  If he does  not act on this then those surrounding him and those running his campaign are political operatives first — and Americans who love and will fight to defend democracy and the American way of life second — and last.  Would be a pity.