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Romney Genuflects Before Trump — Then Declares His Only Concern Is The 51.1% He Needs To Become President!

By Peter Le Force — In the latest puzzling public display of his lack of leadership, conscience, morality,  integrity, and guts,  Mitt Romney appeared on stage in Las Vegas with “super birther” Donald Trump to celebrate clinching the GOP nomination in Texas.  With a Beauty Queen wave to Texas Romney moved on to the next phase — raising money and winning right wing friends and influencing crazy people as a double-down strategy for winning the election.

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Romney has been criticized for tacking blindly and unconscionably to the right to secure enough extreme right wing votes to win the GOP primary, and he was panned and mocked when one of his key advisors informed the public on national television that primaries are one thing and the general election is something else — so now watch for Mitt Romney to do the “Etch-a-Sketch, he said, and retool his message for the general election.

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But now that the GOP nomination is his — and the Etch-a-Sketch moment is upon us — Mitt doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo.  When he should be pointing his campaign at the general election and a broader electoral base — Mitt still seems to be in the be all things to all people mode — and the “don’t give up a single extreme right wing voter interest group and crazy train” yet mode —  as his initial pivot toward the general election.

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And when asked about the decision to appear on stage on the night of his culminating triumph in securing the GOP nomination, Romney said “I don’t agree with all of my supporters points of view”, and I doubt if all of my supporters agree with my views on things  — but I have got to get 51.1% in order to be successful.  He left no room for the imagination — that is what he is all about.

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Oh — it’s good to know that, Mitt.  We thought that the idea of a Presidential campaign was to present your ideas and policies to the American people with the intent of showing them that you have the leadership qualities and everything else it takes — such that U.S. voters can feel comfortable choosing you as the steward and leader of their country.  Instead, on your victory night, you appear on stage with a kooky, hypo critic, “bloviating ignoramus”, as Mr. Will affectionately referred to Donald Trump this week.  And based on that, I guess we can presume that this is what it looks like when a guy who is willing to compromise any and all of his values and do absolutely whatever it takes to try and be President.  Thanks, Mitt.  We hardly knew you.  But the more we know, the less impressed we are.