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"Marvelous" Romney -- Ryan Budget Plan Actually "Dream Act" for the 1% "Economic Royalists"!

By Frank Glenn -- While Paul Ryan trots around the country talking about his budget plan being the "responsible" and "necessary" plan to help right America and bring the budget deficits, the debt, and of course, the true culprits, "entitlements" -- under control. _____________________________________________________________________________ In fact the "marvelous" Romney and Ryan budget is a flagrant and  insulting attempt by lapdogs for the Super Rich, to put into effect their won personal financial "Dream Act" , the act of  responding to the tragic and undemocratic -- and growing -- inequality of wealth and income that has occurred in the thirty years -- and cement it into law a a permanent condition and the new way of life in America. _____________________________________________________________________________ What the Romney-Ryan Budget Plan does is reward the tremendous shift of income and wealth to the rich by adding another unearned and undeserved $3 trillion dollars on top of what they already accumulated.  And while the Sunday School sermon on the Romney-Ryan Budget Plan is that we have to get our out-of-control government back under control -- all it really does is give the rich even more money they don't need.  Furthermore, since there obviously is not money in the budget to responsibly pay for these additional give-aways to the millionaires and billionaires -- the plan takes money away from the poor, the very young, the very old, the middle-class and the working poor, from education, healthcare  -- under the auspices of "reforming"  programs beneficial to people other than the 1% -- and therefore are considered valueless by them -- they are in fact implementing policies which take away from the  most vulnerable and give it to the wealthiest among us who need it least. _____________________________________________________________________________ And in the final analysis, does nothing about budget deficits or national debt except increase them.  And Romney and Ryan are okay with that -- although they say more must be done later -- because reducing the debt was never the real objective anyway.  In the same way that Al Quaeda being a threat in Iraq, and the danger of "weapons of mass destruction" were just the rallying cries of the neo-cons to get the American people to support -- or at least only weakly resist -- the unprovoked invasion of a middle-eastern oil-producing country, the Romney-Ryan plan uses the  rallying cry of "smaller government" and "deficit reduction" as cover for their real objective -- to continue the extinction of the middle-class and weaken the democratic party such the the "economic royalists" can control the treasurer and the government of the United States in order to run the control as if the United States Treasury and tax collection capabilities were the necessary and just tools for increasing the wealth of the 1% at the expense of the 99%. _____________________________________________________________________________ You see, the "economic royalists", who have enjoyed low-taxes and crony and monopoly capitalism now for long enough to have accumulated enormous amounts of capital and the political influence that comes with it in this country -- and now they are going for the kill.  The permanent elimination of disabling of the democratic party -- which in turn means that Republicans and the rich and super rich they serve will run the United States government like it was their own personal, gigantic cash cow. _____________________________________________________________________________ It must be pretty heady stuff to imagine having your own personal country at your disposal -- particularly one  the size of and with the domestic and military resources of the United States.  It'd be like having a country that you own, with a Sheriff of Nottingham tax- collection agency the size of the current Internal Revenue Service, and with all your foreign policy-business prerogatives enforced by the U.S. Military, the largest empire that has ever existed --  in the history of the world! _____________________________________________________________________________ Now that's a "Dream Act" -- the Romney-Ryan Budget Plan!