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Paul Ryan and Todd Akin Co-Sponsored 33 Bills In the House That Attempted To Restrict Abortion Rights!

By Thurman Leopold — Despite panicked attempts by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan — and dozens of other Republicans politicians and operatives —   to get Todd Akin to resign from the Missouri Senatorial race against Democratic incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill — Akin apologized today and vowed to fulfill the wishes of good Missourians –and fight on to win the race.

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Even more surprising — while Republicans act like Akin is some heretic who doesn’t in any way represent the values of the 2012 Republican party — there is plenty of evidence that Todd Akin did nothing more in his ill-chosen remarks than accurately articulate the widely held views on abortion, contraception, and planned parenthood that Paul Ryan and most Republicans have gone on record numerous times in support of.   In fact, the Republican Party Platform Committee just added a “no exceptions for any reason” plank regarding abortion to the 2012 Republican party official party platform to be adopted at the Republican Party Convention which begins in Tampa, Florida on Monday, August 27, including the stated purpose and intention of the party to repeal “Roe vs Wade”.

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In further irrefutable evidence that Rep. Akin in fact represents the views of the rank and file right wing of the Republican party — since Akin joined the House in 2001, he and Ryan have co-sponsored at least 33 different bills that attempted to restrict abortion rights.  They include attempts to prohibit federal funding for Planned Parenthood and restrict abortion rights for women living in Washington, D.C., a proposal to define human life as beginning at the point of fertilization, and a requirement that abortion providers perform and explain an obstetric ultrasound before a woman can give her consent for an abortion.

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If allowed to prevail, these “loonies-tunes” would roll back the progress of women’s rights a hundred years or more — and would roll back the progress of the effort to build a “more perfect union” to a period of time not long after the end of the Civil War.  It’s hard to fathom how this could have happened to a major political party so quickly.  Apparently, the creation of a counter-weight fringe element within the party by extremely right wing, wealthy Republican millionaire and billionaire benefactors and operatives — in an attempt to create the illusion of a grass-roots uprising and rebellion against both the disastrous Republican administrations of the eight year Bush/Cheney regime — as well as anything and everything the  first African American (make that “black” ) President has done or attempted to do to help the country recover from the financial crash  —  enabled the financing and empowerment of a lunatic extreme right wing of the party — fueled by disproportionate right wing media coverage —  at a time when there was a momentary ideological vacuum in the wake of Republican governing policies and philosophies having been so demonstrably repudiated in the minds of the public.  And now, although it seems like the Republican right is still relishing the political dissonance caused by this so-called “grass-roots” insurgency within the party — the party appears to have been  irreparably tainted by and painted with the ideology and antics of this far right lunatic fringe element now — and cannot seem to — or perhaps does not want to — extricate itself from its grasp and influence of its ideological extremists!

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The question is — after what they have seen, heard, and experienced so far — are rank and file of Americans — moderate Democrats and the bulk of independent voters — ready to give them any more time on the political stage to perform their theatrical, political fanaticism?  God help all of us — if they are!