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Jeff Landry of Louisiana Steals The “Biggest Liar” Title From Rick Santorum!

By Johnny Tremaine — We got used to Republican candidates lying during the GOP Presidential primary.  My favorite was Rick Santorum saying on national television that in the Netherlands old people who are sick are euthanized when they go to the hospital.  The go in ill — they leave dead.  It was untrue — and Santorum had to know it was true.  Another time, Santorum said that no universities in California teach history classes.  That was also untrue.

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Now Representative Jeff Landry (R-LA), of Louisiana, has stated that travelers that reveal they are Muslims do not have to go through a pat down or scan when passing through airport security.  This, of course, is untrue also.  No one knows why Jeff Landry said that — but one could reasonably hypothesize that maybe Landry thought that since there were people in his party that believed that President Obama was secretly Muslim — it might resonate if suddenly it was revealed that Muslims were getting soft-balled in the security lines in airports — and allowed to pass through without being searched, scanned, or checked-out — just because they were Muslim — you know — a member of President Obama’s secret tribe.

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It’s bad enough that with the Citizens United ruling — political operatives can spend unlimited money to back up lies by politicians and to repeat the lies endlessly in ads and in the media until significant numbers of people — due to repetition after repetition of the lie — are convinced  that it must be true — otherwise why would everybody keep saying it over and over.

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We have “three strikes and you’re out” laws  — putting people in prison just for committing the same or similar crimes three times.  Crimes against property, victimless crimes like smoking or being in possession of marijuana.  Crimes of any and all sorts.

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If we can put a teenager in prison for committing three crimes against property — why can’t we ask a Congressional representative or senator to resign — or at least to work six months without pay and benefits — when they are caught on video tape — or on national television — repeatedly spouting the same absurd and dis-proven garbage and lies.  And they do it all the while, as part of their strategy,  relying on the right wing sound machine to spread the lie and repeat it over and over — until they – convince a statistically significant number of low information voters that the lie is true.  Seems only fair to me.  Plus it might shut a few of the liars up.  God knows the have no shame and no morals that would prompt them to rein it in — or apologize and stop lying in the future.