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Louisiana GOP Attorney General Caldwell Calls for Single Payer Health Care!

By Frank Glenn — In a startling move for a GOP Attorney General who filed suit against the Affordable Care Act for the state of Louisiana, Buddy Caldwell spoke on the steps of the Supreme Court this week, saying that we should get ride of ObamaCare and implement a single-payer health cafe system.  He also said that he did not trust the insurance companies to be solely in charge of providing health care.  He said he trusted the government to provide health care more than insurance companies and that he thought we should have a medicare-like system for the whole country.  Wow!

When you think of a red state Attorney General suing the government over the Affordable Care Act, you don’t usually expect him to call it too favorable and beneficial to insurance companies, and that he thinks we should get the insurance companies out of the health care for Americans and put it in the hands of the more trusted United States government.  Best new Republican in the world, Buddy Caldwell!