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Karzai Family Made Out Like the Bandits They Are — Playing Ball With the U.S. Military Machine!

By Thurman Leopold –– The Karzai brothers are in full frenzy mode trying to figure out how to hide, protect, and further their money-making enterprizes as the time for withdrawal of American combat troops advances inexorably upon them.  The family of Afghanistan President, Hamid Karzai and its business, financial and political entanglements, comprised primarily of his brother, but also Hamid Karzai’s own brothers, and the brother of his Vice President.

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Like the elites in most occupied countries, the Karzai family and associates are no exceptions. A slightly different twist, however, is that many of the Karzai family were American citizens who returned to Aghanistan after the U.S. invaded that country and became intimately involved with the military and the concomitant military endeavors — enriching themselves from American Military contracts, insider business deals with foreign companies, government corruption and narcotics trafficking.  And now that the United States is beginning the gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan, they are in furious maneuvers to solidify their status, protect the assets, and otherwise optimally position themselves for “life after the Americans” — whether that means life and opportunity in Afghanistan after the U.S. departure — 0r live away from the limelight and out of the fray in another part of the world — once the American goose laying the golden eggs has substantially departed.

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Isn’t the good old-fashioned American war machine great for insider despots, the morally corrupt, and the extremely financially opportunistic — with connections to powerful people in the war’s administration in the countries we invade and occupy.  It has been true — for forever — and it is certainly true in Afghanistan today.