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John McCain Is Shameful, Embarrassing, and Disgusting — and Should Resign From the Senate and Go Do What He Does Best — Play the Role of First “Toady” For His Wife and Her Money!

By Johnny Tremaine –– I couldn’t believe John McCain said Susan Rice was “Not Very Bright”.  This — the guy who picked Sarah Palin as his failed Vice-Presidential running mate  –– thus, revealing to all of us what until then we only deeply suspected — that he was a political “fool, faker, and beer label breaker”  with nary a brain in his head nor a responsible bone in his body.  They called him a “hero” because he was a terrible pilot and got shot down over Vietnam — then tried to sell out his country to save his own skin (and failed) — so had to spend a few years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.  They say he was such a bad pilot, specifically, and a bad serviceman in general that they were considering grounding him before he ejected into hostile arms.  I seem to remember he once crashed on an aircraft carrier and caused a fire that blew up a few other planes — not positive on that one — but it’s too bad he isn’t still a prisoner of war. At least then he could probably remember the one cage he had — for a house.    What a disgrace to the Senate and the United States this unworthy bastidge is!