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Thank You Again, John McCain, For Showing Us What A Principled Statesman Is — By Whack-a-Moling Michelle Bachmann Back Into Her Hole In The Ground For Blaspheming and Besmirching the Good Name and Reputation of Huma Abedin!

By Frank Byronn Glenn –– As far a I am concerned, John McCain proved himself worthy of the Presidency when he respectfully  corrected the silly old lady who called Barack Obama an Arab in the 2008 campaign.  In his run for re-election to the Senate against a “tea-party” fruit-cake in 2010, we lost sight of him a little bit as he had to wear a little crazy on his sleeve in order to assure his re-election — and we missed him — wondered if he was gone forever and would never come back.

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We got our answer to day when Senator McCain returned to his finest form and took to the Senate floor to “call crap” on Michelle Bachman and some of her lunatic asylum inmates for blasphemous scare tactics alleging that, Huma Abedin, long-time aid to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton could in some suspicious and surreptitious way be involved in helping the Muslim brotherhood gain power and influence in Egypt through influencing the United States government behind the scenes.  There is no end to what the ding-bats come up with when reposing and connecting with their sanctum sanctorums– but it is my believe that they are all “horror-novel” writers and wanna-be action,  intrigue, and fiction writers who have simply missed their callings.

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Another possibility, of course, is they are card-carrying criminally insane psychotics who have managed to escape institutionalization because they hold prominent elected positions in our democratic government — and that provides them enough day-to-day cover that they stay out of jail.