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Joe Biden’s Display of Raw Emotion and Empathy in Meeting With Service Member Families Who Have Lost Loved Ones In the Irag and Afghanistan Wars — Made Me Proud to be an American!

By Robert Sexton — President Obama made me proud to be an American when he came out in favor of same sex marriage –– striking a blow for civil rights and human dignity.  It took courage to do it — and a certain disregard for political expediency in deference to what is right and just — a rare act in the politics of America these days.

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Then, on this memorial day week, Joe Biden made me proud to be an American all over again.  In a raw, angst-filled, emotion-laden talk with families of fallen service members,  he shared to story of his own tragic loss in the accident that claimed his wife and his daughter — and seriously injured his two sons  — which occurred in the brief window of time between when he was elected to Congress for the first time and when he was to take office.   The tragedy so impacted Vice-President Biden that he actually considered just not taking office when the time came to be sworn in.   Ultimately he did — a fortunate thing for all Americans.

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It is so rare that we see politicians willing to risk sharing their true feelings — much less to the degree and with the great depth that Biden did — that it is almost stunning.  But it is a powerful message and a great inspiration for us as ordinary Americans to see our leaders — men and women of great power and position — reveling and rejoicing in their emotions, feelings, and their humanity.  It is not only something we can all be proud of — but something we can all learn from and work to emulate in our lives and our relationships with family, friends, and associates.  This is a great example of how to be a true American and an exemplary leader.  Thank you, Joe Biden, for being you.