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Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, McConnell, and Their Republican Congressional Colleagues Are Either Playing Possum — Or Are In Fact Just Way Too Dumb To Create Jobs!

By Peter Le Force — The Republicans ran almost exclusively on the idea that jobs were the 0nly thing that mattered in the 2010 elections — and because it was probably the thing that mattered most to the American people — that campaign slogan resonated with them, and they voted Republicans into office in huge numbers  — enabling them to take control of the House of Representatives.  Since then, the Republicans have done nothing  on jobs.  Even more than doing nothing, they have deliberately blocked everything President Obama and Democrats have proposed — or have added conditions and requirements to the bills that they knew Democrats could not possibly accept.  The reason they have done nothing on jobs is that they believe that every day that passes with nothing being done on jobs reflects badly on President Obama and decreases his chances of getting re-elected — and that is their objective.  On the other hand, everything they do on wedge issues like gay marriage, contraception, birth control, and Planned Parenthood energizes their base and improves Republican’s chances of  picking up seats in Congress — and of defeating President Obama in November.

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They also pretend to be lathered up about the federal budget deficit, but whenever President Obama and the Democrats propose a slight tax increase or even –as in the case of the Grand Bargain President Obama negotiated with Speaker John Boehner, they reject those idea and proposals — saying that it will hurt the economy, impede the “job creators”  too much, and create that famous, ominous “uncertainty” that Republicans claim is frightening the “job creators” so much.

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But here are the facts.  The only reason businesses hire people is that there is demand because people are out buying things.  When people are buying things — businesses gear up to manufacture things to sell them — or staff stores and sales and service organizations to provide those products and services people are ready, able and willing to buy.  Nothing either the Democrats or the Republicans can do will “create jobs” unless the demand is there.  The problem with the economy is that there is meager demand.  Republicans know that if they okay a new stimulus plan it will spike demand.  They know that if they pass an infrastructure bill of any consequence, it will increase demand — and create jobs.  So anything that has a chance to create demand is stalled or filibustered by Republicans — because even though it would be could for Americans in general and would create jobs — it would also improve President Obama’s chances of getting re-elected — and they are going to do absolutely nothing that would do that.

So although Republicans pretend to want jobs and pretend to want to reduce the budget deficit, all they are really doing is practicing “plausible deniability” in front of the American people while prolonging the recession as long as they can — hopefully all the way up to the 2012 November elections.  that is the only objective of Republicans in Congress — because that is the only way they have a chance to win the election in November and make Obama a one-term President.

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I don’t really think Republicans are too dumb to know that increasing demand will create jobs and improve the economy.  I believe they are just playing possum while stalling, obstructing, and delaying — while claiming to the American people that higher-taxes to fund infrastructure will hurt “job creators” and passing any jobs bills without cutting “entitlements” will increase the deficit — the great green monster in American life since the Cold War ended — and now that that Osama Bin Laden is dead — and the “war on terror” has been done way with a national rallying cry.

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If Romney beats Obama in November, it’s a really safe bet that all at once infrastructure bills and job bills — and anything which stimulates demand — will suddenly surface in every Republican chaired committee in Congress.  The next chapter of the two Santa Claus theory in play again.  You see — Republicans and their rich and super rich backers — are not and never have been about effectively governing the nation.  They are about using government and power to increase and concentrate their and their benefactors’ money and power.  That is all that they are about.  Plain and simple.