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Zombie Congressmen — Jim De Mint (R-SC), Bob Corker (R-TN), Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) — Embarrass Americans — Publicly Display “Man-Crushes” on JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon!

By Robert Sexton — Have you ever pondered the eternal question of why it seems like Congress seems to frequently end up doing just what the Wall Street Bankers and giant corporations want them to?  Maybe the Senate Banking Committee hearings last week will shed a little light on the subject.

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Well, ponder no more.  The Senate Banking Committee last week provided the American people an embarrassing display of sycophantic behavior by Senators — who stammered, blushed, and heavy-breathed all over themselves — in the excitement of being in the presence of one of the wealthiest (make that biggest campaign contributors) in America.  One of the Senators — so breathlessly in awe of the great Jamie Dimon — that after stuttering and stammering to find words to describe just how impressed he was with the financial emperor who would be king — that he ultimately sputtered, “you are so… so…. well, you’re just HUGE!”, and held his hand up to visually suggest a cylindrical object 8 to ten inches in diameter — and then the sight of his own dynamic representation just took his breath away for a moment or two — just contemplating… you know.

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I mean, if I had not known any better, I would have guessed that we were playing “boy-friend” and “girl-friend”, or as the game should be called now, “Jamie the Boy-Friend” and his potential financial “girl-friends” in the Senate.  There was a time not to long ago, where Congressmen and Senators were concerned enough with their public images that they would try to seem impartial and somewhat in command of the situation in public hearings — just to keep up the pretenses.  The money tree is so wide open and exposed and so open for business now — and the competition so keen among Congress people and Senators — that caution has had to be thrown to the wind and co-quettish man-crush trolling for money — and maybe caressing and touching — that our legally elected representatives can no longer afford the school girl luxury of feigning propriety when in the presence of a HUGE-ly rich and (some say) handsome Wall Street Banker CEO.

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I personally have been concerned f0r a while that perhaps there is too much money in politics.  But now I know it’s worse than even I imagined.  It’s not just that politicians have to suck up to these rich executives because they need their money to run for re-election every two or six years.  It’s not that they cow-tow to them because they are rich — and they’d like to move in the same circles they do.  It’s that they are so taken with these fabulously rich, modern day American super-heroes that they stammer, blush, and can hardly think straight in their presence.  A very sad spectacle for Congress.  A tremendously sad and worrisome spectacle for America.  Embarrassing, too!