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The Hyde Amendment Should Either Be Repealed — or AmendedTo Ban The Use Of Federal Funds For the Purchase of Viagra — And To Prohibit Insurance Plans From Paying For Viagra!

By Silena Parthlemon — It is time in this country to either repeal the Hyde Amendment — or amend it to ban the use of federal funds for the purchase of Viagra and other ED treatment pharmaceuticals.  The amendment should also prohibit healthcare plans from including the ED treatment medicines as covered treatments in healthcare plans.  Sauce for the goose is surely sauce for the gander as well (I did not coin that phrase).

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Besides, isn’t it logical to assume that since women bear the burden of an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy — though in most cases there is a role and a responsibility on the part of the male participant (I hesitate to call him a father).  And that since the women bears all the physical responsibility for caring the child to term — that as a generalization we can assume that the female involved is going to be fairly circumspect toward behavior potentially culminating in the birth of a child.  Men — although not to demean the intrinsically responsible proclivities of men in general — there are certainly historical examples of men who were not as responsible as they could have been — once a pregnancy resulted — and/or ultimately the birth — expected — or unanticipated — of the child of their procreative activities.

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So it seems only fair that we turn that same circumspect attention to the role men potentially play in the procreative life of their partners (it does, it seems, still take two to tango).   And if men presume to propound — legislatively or otherwise  — on the procreative life of the women in our society  — it seems only not only equinanimous but just — to expect the same of the men in our communities.