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Why Can’t the United States Provide Universal Healthcare to Americans When Every Other Advanced Country Does?

By Frank Byronn Glenn — And some not so advanced even.  If the United States is the “greatest country in the world”, why is it that we aren’t smart enough, rich enough, or a moral enough people to figure out a way to prioritize providing our people shared-risk, shared-benefit  universal healthcare from birth to death.  Seems like a riddle if we could easily solve if we were all willing to contribute our share to the effort — and if we really wanted to.

Here is a partial list of the countries that do currently provide their citizens universal health care:  Norway — New Zealand — Japan — German — United Kingdom (England) — Kuwait — Sweden — Bahrain — Canada — Netherlands — Austria — Finland — Slovenia — Denmark — Luxemberg — France — Australia — Ireland — Italy — Portugal —  Cyprus —Greece — Spain — South Korea — Iceland — Singapore — Switzerland — Israel

Why do you suppose it is that all of these countries have figured out a way to provide all their citizens healthcare — and we still have 30 to 50 million without healthcare.  Are they richer than we are?   Are they smarter?   Are they so much healthier that it doesn’t cost that much, so they just do it?  Do they use cheaper medicines?  Less satisfactory syringes and inhalers.  Do all the medical professionals just work for free in those countries?  Well, then what is it?  What could it be?   Oh, I forgot.  We are a capitalistic country.  Here you’re not entitled to anything unless you can pay for it!  And if you are born into to a poor or disadvantaged family  — se la vie  — that’s just the way it goes.  It’s your life, enjoy it — while it lasts!  Oh, yeah, and good luck with that advanced education — if you last long enough for that “adult” type challenge to become an issue.