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Jeb Bush Exhorts Republicans To Accept $10 Dollars in Spending Cuts For Every $1 Dollar of Tax Increases!

By Silena Parthelomon — In an uncommon moment of GOP political candor this week – Jeb Bush chided fellow Republicans for not being willing to accept a debt ceiling increase or a debt reduction deal calling for  $10 dollars in government spending cuts for every $1 dollar in tax increases. — or what the Democrats — hat in hand — would call a “balanced approach”.   Jeb said that maybe the politics of this era had passed him by,  because a proposal like that seemed like a pretty sweet deal for Republicans and business constituents to him.  Of course it does.  It is a marvelous idea for the Republican politician of the 90’s.  And one a democrat of the 90’s would have rejected as absurd.

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What would make the kind of sense we need in this country is a “balanced” deal that would raise $10 dollars in taxes for every for every dollar in government spending we cut.  The problem in this country is the rich and super rich have got fat and lazy — and now they want to be treated like royalty and have all their feudal servants pay all their bills — with the Congressional Republicans as the new collective “Sheriff of Nottingham.”   Hey, Republicans and plutocrats.  If you don’t want to pay your fair share to help us continue to have a country worth having — and you whine that taxes are just too high — sell out and takes your businesses and your derriers to Somalia — and whine to the war lords and tell them you do not want to have to pay your fair share.  And good luck with that.  Let us know how that works out for you.