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Agreeing to Privatize (Profitize) Goverment Functions Is Just Another Way To Say Profits Matter, Not People!

By Stephanie Devereaux — Right Wingers have been lying to us for decades, saying that privatizing government functions provides better quality services to constituents and stake-holders at a lower cost.  Yeah, right.  And like Jon Stuart said once, “Dog sh_t is money and park benches are mansion,  too!”   Extremist con-men — Grover Norquist, Arthur Laffer, Jude Wanniski, Doug Cheney (who I have heard is a big investor in private prisons) and almost any other Republican politician who has been elected or won re-election in the last decade have been telling us all our lives that lowering taxes on the rich will create jobs and cause the economy to boom.  It just never happened, that’s all.

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The right wing propagandist liars tell us the it’s a supply-side economy.   Corporations and entrepreneurs make things — and then the economy roars — and then everybody gets rich.  If that was true — all we would have to do is put an iPod factory in every impoverished placd in the country and iTunes our way to prosperity,  Analogously, if you are poor — listen to really good music on your iPod — and you will magically transform into a music-listening rich person.  To the extent that there is a theory behind supply-side economics — and it really is more of a factless, unbased, fairly tale made up crock so that neo-liberals could rationalize preying on people less powerful and politically influential than they are.

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They say that if the rich get enough richer fast enough (I did not one could get rich fast enough to suit rich people) — then it that money will overflow out of the banks accounts of the rich and super rich an and trickle down to us.  But the only thing we see “trickling down” on  us is them salivating at all the easy money they’re making off of our stupidity — the them peeing on us out of contempt and “malice aforeplay” because we can’t get out of the way of ourselves long enough to see and understand what is happening — and fix it.

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Privatization — said simply — is nothing more than businesses stealing our assets form us — the public — and then selling them back to us at exorbitant — sometimes terminally so — prices, enabling them to make money off of things we own by auctioning them back to at “highest bidder” prices.  In the future when politicians  talk about privatization we should here “profits”  — and when they talk about better outcomes — when should say to our selves — uh oh, this is the beginning of the end of this commons — this service — as we have know it.  Republicans say they want to shrink the government down to a size which would enable them to drown it in a bathtub.  But that’s not really true.  What they really want is for government to take government services that we all join together and pay for with our tax dollars  — and turn them over to them to sell back to us at a guaranteed profit  — and they want to increase taxes on the middle class to make sure the government can afford to pay them the exorbitant rates they are going to charge — and reduce taxes on them and their wealthy buddies as their reward for helping to shrink that terrible, bloated, tax and spend democrat created government.  They see effective government as unfair competition to them in their quest for monopolistic crony capitalism and easy, risk free, guaranteed profit enterprise.

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They see public services as their as yet untapped money source and profit opportunity — and a government backed, guaranteed ATM machine and endlessly increasing  “cash-cow”.   Why wouldn’t they attack the opportunity like money-mad, greedy predators they are?