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GOP Wing-Nuts Blamed Obama For High Gas Prices — Don’t Give Him Credit — Now That They Are Going Down Again!

By Peter Le ForceNewt Gingrich said a while back that  when Obama took office gas was $1.69 / gallon. Enter Obama: $4 to $5 a gallon gas. Maybe Newt’s short – term memory has failed. The economy had crashed! Banks were failing, businesses were facing bankruptcy. Credit was frozen. We were losing jobs at a rate of 750,000 per month.  So, yes, Newt, gas prices had drifted lower during the business collapse and the resulting drop in energy demand.   Should Obama have kept gas prices from going up, I asked at the time? You mean price controls, I queried? Or through Obama “European-socialism? Government take-over, or by what other legal mechanism? Now Newt’s not an idiot, is he? Naw…just disingenuous!

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But now that gasoline pump prices have dropped rapidly — and significantly — and are forecast to continue down tru the end of summer — where are all those people that blamed high gas prices on the President — why aren’t they out there now cheer-leading the President for bringing them down.  The answer, of course, is quite simple.  They were just lying when they said it was his fault in the first place — and they knew it — and were trying to pile as much whacky tea-party idiot crap as they could on this President — even blaming him for having secret control of the world gasoline prices — and forcing them high — for whatever reason no one could ever even figure out.  But even if they were correct — that high gas prices were his fault — and that he deliberately did it to the American people (just to become more unpopular, I guess) — doesn’t it make sense then that now that gas prices are headed back down they would say, “Thank you, Mr. President, for hearing our cries for help and responding — or for reversing your onerous policies that caused it.

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So from the indefensible position of the right wing pundits — Obama is at fault when gas prices go up — but has deserves no credit when they come come down.  The for that — apparently — is due to the weightiness of gas — it goes up only with the help of a black President — but c0mes down quite totally on its own — well its own and with the help of gravity — I guess.  When you are dealing with morally corrupt partisan hacks that lie about everything — it gets a little tricky when you try to get inside their heads and figure out how they think.  I am not sure that is a pattern, process, philosophy or formula  — I think it may just be a neurological spasm — or an emoto-psycho-ideological paroxism — and something susceptible to description but not significant analysis.  Rather like being assigned the task of watching and out of control mental patient at the state hospital and then being charged with writing a screen-play of his life based on his aberrant behavior in the institution.  Challenging — if not impossible — to say the least.   Welcome to the horrifying and disingenuous world of the Republican mind.


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