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Mitt-O “Binder-Minder” Uses Extra-Terrestrial Language Yet One More Time In Attempting To Speak Co-herently About Equal Pay for Equal Work By Women!

By Silena Parthlemon –– In typical, enigmatic verbiage — reminiscent of a cyborg “enforcer”, Romney continues to talk like a wooden coat rack about issues that are private, personal and emotionally very potent highly charged to women in the United States.  He’s like Spock on Star Trek without the charisma and personality charm.  Dealing with Mitt Romney gives many of us women the creeps.  It’s be a little like getting a sensitive gynecological exam from a pre-programmed medo-robot who would treat sensitive genital tissue like it would a leather catcher’s mit (not that Mitt) it is putting mink oil on to soften it up.  Buff it, bend it, scuff it — and rub it roughly, thoroughly and deeply — so the mink oil saturates under pressure — and gets spread uniformly through all and through-out.  I mean, if this creep can’t even talk about women with the sensitivity approprate for female,  living human beings  — why should we allow him and his Republican pervert circus to have anything to say about it — and why should we let them get within a country mile — much less to allow their creepy men’s club to sit around and discuss what trans-vaginal probes and contraception permissions they would “recommend” and “allow” women to avail themselves of.  The GOP politicians are creeps and neanderthals when it comes to contemporary healthcare and family planning rights and issues.

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Binders of women, my derriere!  Dung hill smelling herds of swine are all that is left of the meager humanity that used to cling to existence in the Republican party.   It is totally gone.  Any person left in the Republican party who doesn’t speak out in objection to this sexist crap their party is peddling — doesn’t even deserve to be considered for public office in this country — much less the office of the Presidency and Vice-Presidency of the United States.