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Republicans Preside Over Dysfunctional, Canabalistic, Predatory, Anti-Democracy Political Party As the "Good Germans" For the Rich and Super Rich!

By Tony Petramonaco -- Paul Ryan pleads disingenuously that his Budget Plan is misunderstood, and that it will actually save the social safety net for the middle-class and working poor.  Romney, never one for an astute choice of descriptive adjectives, calls the Ryan Budget Plan "marvelous".  Marvelous Mitt Romney! _____________________________________________________________________________ In actuality, if Republicans ran their family budgets using the fiscal policies espoused in the Ryan Budget Plan, the Parents int he family would eat steak and lobster everyday -- and their children would go hungry. __________________________________________________________________________ The "Parents" and their rich friends would go to Harvard and Yale for their educations -- on vouchers from the government -- and their children would simply provide the next generation of slave-labor --  un-educated and relegated to working for peanuts in a job market set free by the repeal of Child Labor Laws. __________________________________________________________________________ "Parents" would wear Brooks Brothers suits and clothes from the designer shops of celebrities and the rich and Super Rich.  The children would wear rags they scavenged from the local land fills and the throw-aways from Goodwill Stores and $Dollar Stores.    Seem a little Draconian to you?  Vote Republican in November and find out for yourselves.  These guys aren't playing around.  They intend to end democracy and take it over with a social Darwinist plutocracy.  The survival  and prospering of the very rich! ___________________________________________________________________________ The "Parents" would have world class healthcare like members of Congress and the Super Rich.  The children would have the Republican healthcare plan described so succinctly by Alan Grayson on the floor of the House -- "Don't Get Sick!  If you do, please die quickly!   Oh, and they would probably have government insured life insurance policies on their children, such that if they died before the age of 16, the "Parents" would be the beneficiaries of big life-insurance checks when the kids died prematurely. ___________________________________________________________________________ Job training and education for the young would be simple and inexpensive -- long hours of on-the-job torture --  in terrible working conditions for slave wages in life-threatening conditions. ___________________________________________________________________________ The "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" objectives for all Americans, when it comes to the children, are that in exchange for lengthy hours of slave labor for pennies -- you get no healthcare, no training, no education, and enough food to get you through your next 20 hour work day -- but just barely. ___________________________________________________________________________ The reason we are pretty sure that is the way they would run their family budgets, if they were using the Ryan Budget Plan, is that the Ryan Plan proposes that we give more tax breaks to the rich and Super Rich, who don't need it, and pay for it by cutting everything in law, policy, and safety net programs that benefit or assist the 99% in pursing their own ideas of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"!  The Republicans do not see any need to do anything but help the rich get richer -- because those are the people who give them their campaign money and "bennies" for doing what they say.  They are the "good Germans" of the end of Democracy in America!  How did these guys ever get in power to begin with?