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Paul Ryan Big Lie # 5 — Obama Formed the Simpson-Bowles Commission – Thanked Them — And Then Did Absolutely Nothing!

By Thurman Leopold — Paul Ryan told “big lie #5” at the GOP Convention when he said the President Obama created the Simpson-Bowles Debt Commission — then thanked the members, sent them on their way — and then did absolutely nothing.

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In reality, Paul Ryan himself, a member of the Simpson-Bowles commission — voted against submitting the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles Commision to Congress and the President — so there actually was no “official” report back from the commission — substantially due to the “no” vote of Paul Ryan and others like him — who wanted “no new taxes” no matter what in any approach to solving what they stridently cry out is the most pressing need of the country — and idea itself which is absurd.

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The most pressing need of the country is that we are a “consumer’ based economy — and unemployment is high enough — and housing and the general economy sluggish enough that we just can’t get any upward traction and momentum to get the economy going again.  Republicans, whose stated goal since the day Obama was innaugerated — was to do nothing to help Obama — to try and force him into his “waterloo” — in order to deny him any significant successes and make him a “one-term” president.  Republicans, with Ryan as their cutest cheer-leader — have sacrificed the economy and the well-being of the people of American and the country — for the narrow, viscious, and selfish goal of trying to make things so terrible in the country that the people would return them to power — despite the fact that they haven’t had a winning economic, social, educational, or foreign policy success in at least thirty years.  The Republican party itself — in my humble opinion — is the poster child for the “Big Lie” and the “Big Fraud” perpetrated on the American people solely for the financial gain of the top 1% — their political contributors and benefactors.  “Unconscionable!”  “Treasonous, actually!”