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John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Mitch McConnell Beg For the “Cry-Baby” Capitalists!

By Bifford Caulfied — Boehner, Cantor, and Mitch McConnel’s pleas this week to extend the Bush Tax Cuts and consider nothing else in the way of legislation, except things that help the rich make more money  — was not only comic — but disingenuous — and a little pathetic.

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Congressional Republicans, lap-dogs for the rich and super rich, use every opportunity to discuss legislation to plead the case for the poor little capitalists and their great big “uncertainty”.  Hey, boys!  I thought capitalism was a rough and tumble, competitive sport — you know — “survival of the fittest”, macho-money thing.  And I thought that in exchange for the opportunity to make tens of millions (a billion or three in a few hedge-fund manager cases) in annual income that these lusty entrepreneurs and viral capitalists had to be able to hack a little risk.  You no, only the brave survive. I thought that was why they made the big bucks — because there was a little uncertainty — a little speculative opportunism and financial acumen involved.  I mean, if you take the “uncertainty” out of free market capitalism — is it still “free market capitalism”   or is the free part just that’s if they screw up it’s “free” to the bankers — because they come crying to the American tax-payer to bail the out — or as we say — socialize the risk and the losses, if any, now that they have already “privatized” the profit — and they’d like to keep it.

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I mean, trying to do anything other than something that benefits the rich and super rich first and primarily — is a non-starter.  If you want to help college students a little on their student loan interest rates — got to give the rich and super rich a little tax break first — and then find a poverty program or social safety net that we can cut to pay for it. The Republicans actually talk like this — out loud — in the halls of Congress — and on TV.  If you assist college students with their eduction, the the burden of paying for it must fall squarely on the shoulders of the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the infirm, the unemployed, and those with healthcare benefits of some kind must give something up — in order to help anyone else in an untenable  situation in our society.

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Boehner and his hack-neyed friends keep singing the same old song, “What the rich need now — is love, sweet love — int the form of more tax cuts and more deregulation.  Guys — we have seen this movie before — remember Georgie Porgie Bush — who kissed the War Contractors and made them cry — for joy — the joy of cubic, profligate, immoral, blood-money.  The more the merrier — blood and money. They are the same thing in the American empire — aren’t they.

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But in the meantime — the sweet message for you, Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, and Paul Ryan —  quit crying great big puppy dog tears for your rich and super rich masters.  They have plenty already (they made out like bandits, somehow in the great recession — and just because they have a lot of money doesn’t make it any less an all American disgrace when they trot you guys out in front of the camera to shamefully and greedily beg for more corporate welfare — and threaten to blackmail the country by filibustering  every piece of essential legislation that comes down the pike — unless somehow the rich get a bigger piece of the pie in the process — and you use the legislation as an opportunity take something else sfrom the middle-class and working poor.  Shameful — both as politicians — and as human beings!   Just shameful!