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Rudy Giuliani Says of Joe Biden, “He’s not a vice-president – he’s a joke”!

By Frank Byronn Glenn —  Well, turn-about may be “fair play”, I guess.  During the Presidential campaign in 2008, Joe Biden famously said of Giuliani,  “There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb and 9/11.”  So maybe Giuliani has waited long enough — and is now trying to get his revenge. 

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After saying that Biden lacks “the mental capacity”  to be vice- president (as if Rudy Giuliani had the mental capacity to even make that judgment, anyway), he followed that up, saying, “this guy just isn’t bright” (like Rudy boy is a genius himself) on NBC’s Meet The Press.  ” Jay’s a laugh line on Jay Leno”, the former Mayor of New York City rolled on.  “You never know what he’s going to say.”

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Well, Rudolph, my man, he’s Vice-President — and you’re not!  

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I haven’t met anyone lately that cares much about what Rudy Giuliani says.  In fact, most people I know respond to any Giuliani news by saying, “Rudy who?”  In addition to that — he thought Sarah Palin was wonderfully qualified to be Vice-President — even President — so that tells you everything you need to know about Rudy Giuliani’s opinions on anything.

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It has become painfully obviously that either   Mitt Romney and his campaign are totally clueless — and like blind-folded cowboys — they just stand up in public and shoot off their mouths wildly into the crowds without giving their words even a moment of consideration and evaluation for effect before letting them rip.   Or they are losing badly and  they know it — and  are so desperate to try and string something — anything — together to just look  like they still have a campaign going — that the crazy things their side are saying seem  like a better options to them than just standing around looking “glum and dumb” and letting the American people conclude for themselves whether there is anything worth voting for there.

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For my money, though, it looks like Romney and the GOP boys would be better off to just ask those tired old “has beens” and their talentless “wannabees but never will-bees” to just get out of the limelight and step way off stage — and into the shadows — if they must be out at all —  and that’s only if they can’t just stay home and keep their mouths shut.  And I think Romney would be better off, actually, if they just did that.

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And as for Giuliani himself, I think maybe he should really be running around the country talking to kindergarten children — like George Bush did the morning of 9-11 — introducing himself and explaining to the children all about how wonderful he is — and how is was really he — himself — who ultimately fought off Al Quaeda on that day — and saved New York City and America.  And maybe then he could become even more of a legend in his own mind.