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George Will — Artfully and Astutely Calls Donald Trump a “Bloviating Ignoramus”!

By Johnny Tremaine — I couldn’t believe that on the night that he clinched the GOP nomination for President Mitt Romney chose to appear on stage with Donald Trump at a fund-raiser Trump was headlining.  After the laughter faded I was still left with the puzzling question of “why did Mitt Romney choose to denigrate himself and his campaign by appearing with this orangutan with the bad orange toupee.

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I initially thought Trump must have come bearing some enormous financial contribution — such that even though Romney found it unappetizing to appear with him — well, you know, money talks — but then I read that Trump has only contributed the $2500 dollars legally allowed by an individual, non super-pac contributor.  But it was odd just watching the Republican Presidential candidate on state with America’s number one laughing stock and public buffoon.

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But I still could not have said it any better than George Will.  On a talk show this week, Will puzzled over it the same way I am.  He said he could not for the life of him see anything positive for Romney that could come from the embarrassing appearance with the Clown in Chief and had no idea what the Romney campaign might be thinking.  He further elaborated, by calling Trump a  “bloviating ignoramus” — and said that Trump just proved that if a person had a high enough net worth to go along with a very limited intellect he could inject  himself  into the middle of a Presidential campaign — but added that it still looked like a pretty absurd and pointless exercise to him — and potentially a very bad political decision for the Romney campaign.