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George Soros’ Son Jonathon Soros Starts “Friends of Democracy” Super Pac To Promote and Defend Democracy!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — In the perhaps the best new thing in the world for Democracy, Jonathon Soros, son of George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire and long-time supporter of democratic causes, has created two Super Pacs, with the mission of supporting campaign finance reform and candidates that also support campaign finance reforms.  While the Super Pacs are explicitly non-partisan, the younger Soros concedes that due to the current positions of candidates in the respective parties it is likely that initially the Super Pacs will support mostly Democrats and campaign against mostly Republicans — although over time perhaps that could change.  The sister Super Pac will be dedicated to indentifying and supporting political candidates that support campaign finance reform — and will identify and promote them as “heroes” of American democracy.

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Our hat is off to Jonathon Soros for his decision to make an effort to support, promote and defend democracy (for obvious reasons) — and to his father as well — for fathering such a son, raising, educating, encouraging and supporting him to be a proponent and defender of democracy.  The right-winger lambast George Soros from time to time as the “sugar-daddy” socialist supporter of liberal democrats and liberal democratic causes.  All I have to say is — we are proud to have such a principled and wise rich white guy working on the side of a bigger, bolder, better, stronger, more inclusive, and more active democracy along with us.  Thank you George and Jonathon!