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Foxx Affiliate Calls Nazis a “Civil Rights” Group!

By Johnny Tremaine — We can only hope that the Foxx Affiliate that referred to a bunch of Nazi demonstrators in Florida as a “civil rights group” was simply just too “butt stupid”  to be licensed to use the people’s air-ways to disseminate their disgusting ignorance.

I thought it was pretty  hilarious when Bill Clinton reputedly described the nature of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky as one of him “administering” to a young person.  Oh, yes, Bill — and how!  And then he denied having “sexual relations with that women”, because — didn’t  he and every male chauvinist in captivity understand explicitly that blow jobs are not “sexual relations”  — they’re just, you know, getting serviced —  letting off a little steam — de-stressing.  Like having your radiator topped off  — and  the air pressure  in the your tires checked, for balance.  And besides, lots of times you don’t even get a kiss.

But when you go on the air in the year of 2012 and describe a Nazi group as “civil rights activists” — you’ve indulged in one to many mind altering libations, I fear.

The next thing you know they will be calling kidnapping —  taking someone into “protective custody”.   Or rape, just a little “tough love”.  Grand Larceny could be simple ” enhanced resource sharing” (you know, like “enhanced interrogation” or “extraordinary extradition”).

And, hey, here’s one.  Murder could just be called “expedited hospice care”.  And my favorite:  Genocide could be called “ethnic cleansing”.  Oops!

Is it too much too ask that people doing the news on our air-ways aren’t  jaded, ignorant — and stupid — all three!