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President Obama Should Issue An “Emancipation Proclamation” — And Free the Citizens of Michigan From the Dictatorship of the Emergency Managers Law!

By Johnny Tremaine — President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, freeing the slaves and granting them the same rights and freedoms as all other  Americans.  This is a time in which Republicans — in service to their economic royalist, corporate masters, have once again slipped over the edge into fascism — and have put democracy in great peril.  We are already in the midst of a civil war in the struggle to determine the future of democracy and the course of and the future of America and democracy.

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The Emergency Manager law of Michigan is nothing more than a law abolishing democracy and declaring the governor king!  Except in this case, the king serves at the pleasure of and is owned by the economic royalists — and his sole purpose as governor is to do whatever their hearts desire — the the detriment of everyone else — up to and including the confiscation of services and property owned by the public  — to give them to the rich so they can do with it as they wish.

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We are calling — today — for the President of the United States, Barack Obama — to issue an Emancipation Proclamation for the Citizens of the State of Michigan — to free the citizens of the state of Michigan from the tyrannical, totalitarian rule of its anti-democratic governor and its fascist, Republican controlled state legislature  — and begin the process of restoring democracy in Michigan — and throughout the United States — and for the express purpose of drawing a line in the sand to let the plutocrats and corporatists know that enough is enough — and that we are going no further down this road to corporate rule and the subversion of democracy — which is obviously their goal.   You may be rich — but you are not our damn kings — and you are not royalty who are above the law.   We understand that the wealthy do not need democracy — because they have plenty of influence and privilege — but the rest of us do — and we need government, for obvious reasons — as a counter-balance and to  rein in and regulate those who would abuse their wealth and  power to distort political ideas, government policy positions, and to make laws that benefit the wealthy — to the detriment of everyone else in our society.  Enough is enough!  Free Michigan!

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If this is what it has come down to  — Civil War.  The rich and their lackeys against the rest of us?  Then let’s quit pretending and making nice about it.   If this is the battle they want — then let us begin!