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Republican Party Now the Party of the “Economic Royalists”!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — There are two things predictable about the Republicans these days. 

The first is that even if Barack Obama takes a position supporting “mom” and “apple pie”, the Republicans will be forced to say it’s “Grandmothers” we should revere, and “Marionberry pie” is the only pie they can support right now.  In other words, if Obama is for it — Republicans must be against it, regardless of the merits of the proposed legislation or policy idea.

The second question is how do we know how Republicans will come down on any significant issue, particularly one that involves revenue and expenditures of government?  The easy answer is just ask yourself how the “economic royalists” would vote on any given legislation, and that is the way the Republicans will vote.  There is no sunlight between the positions of and the votes of Republicans and the preferences of the rich and the super rich of the United States.