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Congressmen, State Legislators, and Every Elected and Appointed Official in the United States Should Be Drug Tested!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — The American Legislation Exchange Council (ALEC) wrote laws for Congressmen and state legislators, who ran back to their respective legislative bodies all over the country to try and put their extremist right wing stamp on everything, including “Voter ID”, “Stand Your Ground”, and Union Busting, tax-cuts for rich people and impaired or destroyed social safety nets for our the most vulnerable Americans.

In Florida and other states, laws have been proposed or have passed requiring that people receiving government assistance, unemployment compensation, and a variety of other services be drug tested as a pre-condition to receiving those benefits.  Well, I have to compliment our right wing-nut friends for being so fiscally responsible and so sociologically vigilant as to not want these “deviants” to get any of their hard earned tax money. That’s just common sense, right? Who wouldn’t be all for that?

In fact,   just to elaborate on a good idea a little bit more, how about we go ahead and require also that every House of Representative member and every member of the Senate, the President, and all elected and appointed federal and state officials be subjected to random, surprise drug tests twelve (12) times a year.  It only makes sense.  If we don’t want sick, poor, disabled, unemployed and old people  getting our hard-earned tax money and then just going off and buying drugs and then laying around in a torpor, unable to even function, much less get a job, we certainly don’t want those super-stressed  out federal and state government officials taking our hard-earned tax money and running off to buy drugs to try and de-stress, or just plain “get high” — and then run into their respective offices and legislatures  and try to pass sober and sane legislation while under the influence.  I mean, look, we haven’t had a law against it for 100 years and look what a mess we have in the halls of government from Wisconsin to Tennessee to Arizona — to, well — Washington.  Let’s get drugs out of government.  And these federal and state employees, before they receive their salaries or any of their health benefits or retirement, have to pass their drug test first.

And if they fail it, they should immediately be suspended from duty without pay until they re-take their drug test no sooner than 30 days from the one they failed.  Let’s also have a “strikes-and-you’re out law.  If the government employee fails three drug tests while serving in office, they are kicked out of office for life without pay or benefits, and may never serve in a public office in the United States again for the rest of their life.  A teenager was banned from driving for life by a judge a couple of weeks ago for driving poorly.  Certainly taking drugs while serving your fellow citizens in a fiduciary capacity is way more egregious than that!

If we drug test them, at least they’ll have to learn to act like buffoons without the benefit of drugs going forward!