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Romney’s Veer To The Right To Secure GOP Nomination — Making It Hard To Tack Back To Center For General Election!

By Johnny Tremaine — Mitt Romney learned his lesson in 2008.  You have to secure the GOP nomination before you waltz out onto the big stage and embrace the “Big Show”.  In the interim, though, along came the “Tea Party”  (Koch Bros?) wing of the Republican party.  What used to be the conservative wing of the Republican party became the plane with one right wing headed for a crash landing anywhere it could.  They embraced “birth-ism”, knew he was a Muslim, not a Christian, was sure he was from Kenya, schooled in Madrassas in Indonesia, — and was a “European socialist” who misunderstood America, and basically didn’t “get it” — and to the extent he did, was embarrassed about America, felt the need to apologize for her, and wanted to play “patty-cake” with Iran and other bad actors.  All of which were untrue, of course, but when did that ever stop a Republican from lying.

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So now that the strategy of out-flanking the right wing crazies has come full circle and here he is in the drivers seat of the GOP crazy clown Cadillac parade — he’s got the “etch-a-sketch” twitchies.  During the primaries he bellowed out at a campaign event one day, in that fake “stentorian voice, “I have an immigration plan — it’s called enforce the law.  Make companies quit hiring illegal-aliens and they will ‘self-deport’ — and the ones that don’t — arrest them and deport them”.  Simple. Hard. Fast.  Brutal.  Law and Order. Get er done.  Period.

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Since President Obama announced his executive order, preserving young,  illegal-through-no fault-of-their-own, from deportation, with an opportunity to have the initial two years extended another two years, with an eye on the target of putting a permanent plan in place – obviously. Instantaneously — with his executive order — President Obama up-staged and pre-empted the entire original position on immigration that Romney cavalierly trumpeted — and blocked any possibility — virtually — of any meaningful and productive tack back from the Latino November voter cliff that he perched himself on — in his blind lunge right to secure the GOP nomination.  Not only had Romney been rendered strangely — eerily, even — silent in the immediate and subsequent aftermath of President Obama’s executive order — but he went on a national television show, Face The Nation,  this week-end — and when asked several times about his position — or reconsideration — on immigration in response to the President’s executive order — he simply — meekly and weakly — murmured something about his feelings that we should probably have a “longer-term solution”.  When pressed again and again — he brushed the immediacy of the Presidents Executive Order aside — saying essentially that the Presidency is a complicated thing — and that  the immigration issue and many others would all be addressed in the fullness of time during his presidency — and with Congress.  Wow!

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Regrettably, for Romney, the old adage (slightly modified), when faced with “the choice between the devil you know (Obama- the one with the executive order suspendeing deportation) — and the ass-whole you don’t (Romney — who thinks deporting 11,000,000 Latinos works for him) — choose the devil you know.  With a Latino vote of 40% or more probably necessary for Romney to have a chance in November — it seems like he may have wasted all his ammunition shooting at shadows, under the illusion that if you fire off enough rounds of ammunition (see throw enough sh-t against the wall), you are bound to hit something that needs shooting — or hit a nerve with some Latino voter or other — that would vote for you – because — because — well… you’re rich? Naw.  I don’t think so. Not al all.

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Sorry Mitt!