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GOP “Two Santa Claus” Strategy Not Working Now!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — The Two Santa Claus strategy is that Republicans, when they control Congress and the White House, cut taxes and spend like drunken sailors without paying for most of what they spend the giant sums of money on (See wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, No bid drug prices for Medicare, and the Medicare Part D give-away to providers – plus the Bush Tax Cuts).

Then, when they are out of power, Republicans scream bloody murder about all the debt and deficit that their irresponsible policies ran up and blame it on the Democrats then in charge, although they mainly attack “big government”, and claim government, essentially, is the cause of all the problems in the world. They preach
“debt” and “deficits” and “cut spending” and “big government” and claim that Democrats are driving us for the cliff as a country financially —  until the voters begin to get nervous and believe that something must be done, indeed.

If the protestations work on the voting populace,  Democrats get scared of being the “big spenders” and start singing the Republican mantra and allow as how we must “adjust” entitlement programs some — and rein in spending a little.  So the minor austerity measures Democrats agree to implement out of necessity because of the Republicans hugely irresponsible policies, feed the idea in the public mind that democrats caused all the problems. So they vote Republicans back into office to supposedly fix the problems  –the ones that they actually created or helped create in the first place.

Republicans were successful for many years in branding Democrats the “tax and spend” party  The way they did that was by cutting taxes and spending themselves, then blaming it on the democrats.

The strategy was developed thirty years ago or so by a guy named Jude Wanneski, who also invented the idea of  “supply side” economics and the “trickle down” prosperity for the rest of us that would result from all the wealthy people having more money to spend from the large tax cuts and other money they made sponging off the government.

Wanneski came up with this strategy after acknowledging that if Republicans just ran on their basic policy preferences and ideas,  they had no chance to get elected.

But with the advent of Occupy movement, the attention of everyday Americans was partially re-focused on the horrendous inequality in wealth and income distribution in the United States at this time — and the American people have temporarily quit listening to the debt and deficit howls of Republicans.  So now they have switched to gays and gay marriage, abortion, birth control, and contraception – and women hating in general.  And now even the Republican voting electorate are tiring of the social wedge issues.

If I was a prognosticator, I would predict that the Republicans might be susceptible to “sneak” tsunami in November.

What will determine whether or not it happens and how large the shift is if it does happen is how sharp and continuous  a focus Barack Obama and the Democrats put on the fact that Republicans put us in the position we are in, and now they want to keep us here or make it even worse  — to try and get elected as the only people who can fix the problem — the mess that they created in the first place.

Also, will women of all political persuasions finally realize once and for all that these Republicans basically hate women and children  —  and feel that women themselves (they have the vaginas) are pretty much the sole cause of sin and immorality in the world.

They’re like serial killers —  psychopaths — who when they get caught, blame their craziness on their too-understanding and too permissive mothers  being too strong an influence when they were in their formative years.