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Obama Correctly Points Out That The Republican Budget Plans Are To “Cut Taxes” on the Richand Super Rich — and Make Middle Class and Working Poor Americans Pay For It!

By Stephanie Devereaux — It’s not that Republicans don’t get that cutting taxes further on the rich and super rich and making the 99% pay for it,  is wrong — untenable — and ultimately — probably unsustainable.  It’s just that they don’t care.

They want what they want and they don’t care who it hurts to get it.  That’s part and parcel of their love for money!

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And the obviously disingenuous cry of, “Where are the jobs?”, is like the oft quoted lament by the kid who killed his parents that the court should grant him leniency because he is an orphan now.  The Republican have filibustered every sensible policy and budget proposal by President Obama unless there are additional tax-cuts or write-offs for their rich benefactors.  Then, after killing every proposal that could potential create jobs and get the economy going again — they call the President a “failure” and say that he just doesn’t “know economics” in the way that good old Mitty does.


That’s why I think Obama should go out everyday and say to the American people  that if they want this economy turned around we have to get rid of the “do-nothing” obstructionist, corporate lackey cry-babies and get some real men and women and some real statesmen — who care about democracy, the United States, and the American people.  And send the cry-baby, crony capitalists and their sycophantic Congressional cheer-leaders back obscurity and ignominy — from whence they came and to which they should return.  And if they don’t like it here, there’s always Somalia for the “small government”  aficionados.