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Time To End The Deliberate and Unnecessary Profitizing of War

By Frank Byronn Glenn — It’s time to end the “absurd” idea of having “contractors” fight — and provide support for our wars, when we have the best equipped, best financed, best supported and largest military establishment in the world.  The idea of paying independent contractors 3 to 6 times what a regular G.I in a U.S. military uniform would make — just for the sake of privatizing war such that defense contractors and other war profiteering contractor businesses can make obscene profits on — in many cases,  “no bid”  — contracts t0 do things U.S. soldiers could do better and less expensively.

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It’s the “no speakie” strategy on boondoggles.  Republicans prohibiting Medicare from competitively bidding for drugs was an enormous waste of money and an attempt to to kill Medicare.  You don’t hear a word on that from Barack Obama — not a word.  You have to wonder if there is just an understood political limit to how much money you can save the government, i.e., the American tax payers — at the expense of the plutocrats — and still have a viable political career in the United States.

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Just like you don’t hear anything about “war crimes”.  Nothing about “habeas corpus”.  Nothing on “posse comititus”.  I guess the litany of misplaced hopes and aspirations with regard to the “unmentionables” of  government is just something we have to learn to live with?     There are, it seems, a class of things that make for great campaign vitriol because the American people know they do not make any sense.  But, we are learning, only certain things are really on the table.   And most of the time it is things having to do with how much money to give or take-away from the working people of America  — or how much things could potential threaten to destroy the world by adding a few more billion to a monopoly money debt.  But right now, when the opportunity to lead is all around us — the politicians are simply to busy — they are out campaigning!

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