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Citizens United: Supreme Court “Doubles Down” — Ruling Citizens United Applies To Montana and Other States As Well!

By Robert Sexton — The Supreme Court today answered the question that had arisen with regard to the Montana state Corrupt Practices Act.  While we found it hard to believe that the original Citizens United ruling by the court actually “made law” and ignored more than a hundred years of  campaign finance law and precedent, just like they did in Gore V. Bush in 2000. As we all remember, they ridiculously ruled in that case that “corporations are people” and “money is free speech”, much like Jon Stewart on the Daily Show a few months ago said that “Park benches are mansions and dog-shit is money, too!”  Both are absurd  — and the Conservative “tea party” five on the Supreme Court knew it — are ignorant — or both — and just didn’t care.  Like we have always said.  The rich and super rich do not need democracy very much because they are  plenty of voice and free speech already (lots of money) — and have adequate amounts influence and power when it comes to getting your way in Washington and in state legislatures — without having to do community organizing, protested, conjuring up populist initiatives, or rallying all the rich guys at the capitol.

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But the Supreme Court doubled down today.  Montana and others had argued before the court that the Citizens United law in many cases had allowed, encouraged and created both the appearance the the reality of corruption in the political process.   Anthony Kennedy had championed the push to have the conflict heard quickly — saying that perhaps the court had originally erred in  its judgement that Citizens United would cause neither actual corruption of the political process nor the “appearance” of corruption.  But it was a red-herring — a ruse.  Nothing had changed — the conservatives just wanted to squash it quickly so the Montana Corrupt Practices Act  wouldn’t prohibit corporate cash and largess from overwhelming  Montana — and so other states wouldn’t get the bright idea that they could pass laws banning or limiting money injected into  elections to.  Apparently the conservative five not only saw no problem with elections being sold to the highest bidder — nor the appearance of the electoral process having become a bought and paid for process  —  by,  for — and of the rich and super rich — so they could have there way on everything and “screw” everybody else.  They ruled that Citizens United applied to individual states — and over-turned existing — and prohibited new laws from being passed to limit campaign contributions.

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So to them I say this:   every dog has its day.  And sooner or later you five criminal, morally corrupt, democracy undermining and hating political hacks —  sorry excuse for United States Supreme Court justices that you are — will either be impeached or run out of office. And one way or the other you will go down in history as the most despicable and unworthy justices this country has ever had.