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Virginia Foxx – Congresswoman — Says It’s Shameful Students Today Have So Much Student Loan Debt!

By Frank Glenn — Well, all I can say about that is —  “there’s no cure for stupid”, even in Congress  She also said that when she went to college she worked and paid for tuition — and it was “no problem” .  What a disingenuous Congresswoman.  In the late 1800’s which is when it looked like she went to college (I know appearances aren’t everything) tuition was about $200 per year – if that! Tuition at University of Washington these days is – what — $24,000 per year.  Try working full time as a college student and making that much money — after food, rent, utilities,  clothes, and personal hygiene supplies — and see what kind of a job you would need.  Probably $35,000 – $40,000 per year — minimum.  And what degree-less college student these days has a job making that much money.  And how many jobs are there that pay that well for college students?  How many jobs are there like that for anybody?

Virginia Foxx obviously doesn’t get out much.  And maybe when she does, she should get out of Congress!