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Colorado Shooter Had No Military Experience — Was Dressed in Black — Wore A Gas Mask and A Bullet-Proof Vest!

By Bifford Caulfied –– Colorado Shooter, James Holmes, killed 12 and wounded 50.  He was reputed to be a beginning medical student at the University of Colorado, specializing in neural-science, who withdrew one month ago.  The reason for him dropping out of medical school was not given.  He is reported to not have served in the military, lived in Aurora, CO, and wore a bulletproof vest and a gas mask.  He was reported to have recently made application to an apartment complex to be accepted as a tenant.

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Police have evacuated the apartment complex where Holmes lived in Aurora, as well as businesses and  residences surrounding the apartment.  James Holmes’ apartment is reported to have been “boobie-trapped” in a highly sophisticated manner, and officials are proceeding with extreme caution.

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The shooter, James Holmes, is reported to be in police custody.   We have not yet received any reports on the conditions of the wounded — the assumption being that some of them — while surviving the actual shooting — may be in critical condition and battling for their lives — but we simply do not know any details at this time.

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The shooter was reported to have burst through the front door of the theater, set off tear gas cannisters and opened fire.  Reports said he carried four weapons:  two Glock .40 handguns – one a .40 caliber and one of unknown caliber, a Remington Model 870 Shotgun, a Smith & Wesson AR-15 Rifle — three of which he took into the theater.  He apparently grew up in the San Diego area, and came to Colorado about a year ago to go to medical school at the University of Colorado.  He was dressed in black, wore a gas mask and a bullet-proof vest.

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The theater in the multi-lex mall in Aurora was showing the midnight movie of premiere of  the Batman movie,  “Dark Knight Rises”.