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Like "Weapons of Mass Destruction" -- Republican Look Everywhere and Can't Find a Trace of the War on Women -- Or Of Their Class Warfare Against the Middle Class!

By Robert Sexton -- The only answer has to be that the Republicans have discovered the hiding place where The Men in Black hid the "forgetting pill".  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       . After either passing or attempting to pass laws that would mandate "trans-vaginal probes" for women seeking abortions, require they watch ultra-sound video displays of their fetus before their abortion, enforced onerous waiting periods between the request for an abortion and when it is actually performed, denied contraception, denied access to affordable planned parenthood health and family planning services, and passing laws declaring a fertilized egg a human being at the moment of conception -- making abortions, most birth control medicines and services -- and in some cases -- even miscarriages  -- as illegal -- and in some cases -- murder.  After all that -- they responded with outrage and indignation and denial to simple observations that there was a "War on Women" afoot in the land. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       . And after trying to give the rich and super rich even more tax-cuts, and at the same time trying to take services and programs away from the middle class, working poor, the poor, disabled, the elderly, sick children, and the debilitatingly impoverished -- pay for the tax cut on wealthy people that don't even need it. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       . While ballooning the Defense Department budget from the approximately  $345 billion it was when Bill Clinton left office to the $875 billion it was when Bush and Cheney left office, and that doesn't count the $100's of billions lavished on the Homeland Security industrial-security apparatus complex,  the State Department, extending the Bush tax cuts and proposing cuts to educations, pell grants, the environment, Medicaid, Medicare, and attempts to end public education and social security as we know it, down-size the EPA, abolish the Energy Department, the Department of Commerce, etc, etc..  After all these proposed laws, including repressive Voter ID laws -- restricting access to voting -- implementing what are essentially Jim Crow and literacy and property requirements to vote -- virtually all targeted to restrict voting rights of students, the poor, minorities, and any group likely to vote democratic that they can marginalize  -- the Republicans respond in outrage and accuse President Obama of "Class Warfare".   No, my dear Republicans -- you have started and are prosecuting the "War on Poor" (meaning -- in their world -- anybody not in the 1%) -- we are the insurgency -- we are resisting and fighting back against your 30 year "Class Warfare".