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Citizens United — Means Only Rich People Can Run For Office!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — There are many consequences of Citizens United — but perhaps the most tragic is that from now on — with one exception — only rich people can run for office — and have any reasonable prospect of getting elected.  The exception is that if you are willing to be abandon your principles and values, and sell your political career to the rich and super rich and pledge to them in private that you will do what they want and serve their wishes as the new minion of their whims and desires — and you can be elected to office as long as the economic royalists believe you are serving them as much as you possibly can.

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Scott Walker has been given $30 million dollars by the rich people he serves — to help him try and survive his recall election.  That is on the order of $25 dollars for Scott Walker for every $1 dollar Tom Barrett has available to get his message out.  This governor is despised by more people than probably any other governor — past or present — in the country.  He has broken unions, fired teachers, cut benefits, shifted money around, and gave tax breaks to his rich friends at the expense of working people.  Wisconsin is now positioned dead last in job creation and very high in unemployment — and its budget deficits are as high or higher than when he came to office.  He talked about “fixing” the Wisconsin fiscal problems and its fiscal situation — and he has made them all worse.

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I have said in another blog that if Scott Walker survives this recall election, it means that the rich and super rich can run whoever they want — with whatever ideas they want — for governor — and have a great chance of getting them elected.  They could more than likely run Ghengis Khan, Atilla the Hun — maybe even Charles Manson or Adolf Hitler — for governor in Wisconsin and have a 50-50 chance of getting them elected.

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But whatever happens in Wisconsin  — we are witnessing,  across America, a tragic, slow motion, deadly, rolling train-wreck in the right to — and practice of — democracy in America.