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Chilean Students Fight For Universal Free Education!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — The New York Times Magazine last Sunday ran a story about Camila Vallejo and her Chilean student activists friends, who fight every day and all year long for free, universal education for the citizens of Chile.    This,  in a country in which the government of Salvatore Allende was overthrown,  with some clandestine and not so clandestine help from the U.S. in 1973.  At that time, Chile had universal free education for its children, which the Pinochet dictatorship quickly abolished in privatizing  education, presumably as partial payment to the neo-liberalist agents and busineses that aided him in his expeditious and bloody transition to power — as a democracy-replacing authoritarian dictator potente ruling Chile.

It is a tribute to the propaganda and echo chamber machine of the far right that  someone in the United States to mentioning universal, free education for the American people would elicit cries of “treason” and “european-style socialism ” being simulcast on the Foxx New-es and by the Clear Channel radio barkers non-stop 24/7 until the idea or the person suggesting it was drowned out  — 0r dead.  Remember — these fascist, neo-liberal, anti-democratic bastards are dead serious about nobody messing with the money-making rules and opportunities in the late, great state – America!

Educate our people as a benefit of just being born an American.  Blasphemous!  That would sound too much like – American exceptionalism!   Elitism!  In America you are only entitled to what you can pay for.  If weren’t born with money — and are not sucking up to your slave-labor masters — you don’t have a fighting chance, sucker!

To me, forcing our children to subject themselves to what might possibly be a life-time of indebtedness just because they wanted to get an education and  better  themselves and their prospects for a middle-class life,   is no better than killing and eating your children to save a couple of bucks at the grocery store.   It just takes a little longer, and so not so many people notice — or object demonstrably!

So let me be clear about this!  The United States of America should have free universal healthcare and free universal education for any one who wants it as far as their natural abilities can take them — as the simple, fundamental, basic human right —  a natural entitlement of being human and having been born in America!  That’s the kind of “City on a Hill”  I envision”