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Romney Blunders! Tells Israel — Publicly — That If It Wants To Attack Iran — the U.S. Is With Them All The Way!

By Robert Sexton — In a startling international affairs blunder of epic proportions — even for a naive and inexperienced new guy on the international diplomacy and intrigue scene — Romney told the entire world this week that if Israel wanted to attack Iran — that he — and the United States government would back them up.

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In what must be considered,  in some form at least, an eery foreshadowing of the policies and the foreign affairs acumen — and expertise — of a Romney Presidency — Romney himself took his legendary “tin-ear” and “tone-deafness” to a new level — and offered a preview into what could be described as a “dangerous” naivete and amateurish bungling of a speech obviously intended to provide evidence that under a Romney administration the U.S. government would continue to be a strong ally  and supporter of Israel.  But to offer up carte blanch, blind, unilateral support in advance of any operational details or discussions suggests a degree of inexperience and lack of expertise and global geopolitical awareness that must give American serious pause in the more in depth analysis as to whether this slightly corny, woefully out of touch rich fellow is the right man for the job.  I mean, some of these things are “no-brainers” for the average American middle-school kid  (and that’s saying something — with the current education funding tragedy here) — so it is alarming that he doesn’t seem to “get it”.  It’s kind of late in the Presidential campaign game for the country to finally realize that it has a Republican rich mommas boy dilettante posing as Presidential candidate — although there have been rumors that the GOP might — or should — consider switching horses at the convention — but that would more than likely be a disaster for the Republican party.  Of course, if this keeps up,  it could be a disaster either way.

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Another point though, equally  worrisome, is the fact that it is pretty difficult to belief that the Romney campaign scheduled the speech and then trotted Mitt Romney out there to ad lib himself into political oblivion or scandal — so it has almost certainly got to be true that the Bush/Cheney “neo-cons”  Romney has surrounded him with gave at least tacit approval to the statements — if not in fact actually relishing the speech abroad as a “heads-up” to the civilized world that the “couldn’t shoot straight” Iraq invasion team is back in the hunt — and playing geopolitics again.  What is it with these Zombies, anyway, that we can’t just deal with them once and for all and have them live the rest of their lives back in that hole in the ground — out of which they emerged when Bush was appointed President.

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Thank God for small favors, the Democrats must be saying.  But when you think about it, who is on your short list of serious GOP presidential timber after Romney.  Everybody else is either a lightweight or a tea-party or libertarian cartoon comic strip figure.  Now that’s not to say that one of them could not be elected President,  Look at Ronald Reagan, for example.  And even Jeb Bush is probably too smart to accept a doomed nomination and campaign for President — although points would be awarded for easing into the “party savior” role.