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GOP — Liars and Frauds: John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell Trot Out the Old “Job Creators” and “Uncertainty” Lies!

By Peter Le Force — We have all known for a long time that all the Republicans wanted to do was keep the economy sluggish or drive it off the cliff — because they are untalented enough politically that — like Newt Gingrich in the 90’s — they knew that President Obama was too talented and popular a politician to beat him straight up  — they had to cheat — somehow — to win.  And it goes without saying that their “cut taxes” for the non-job creating rich and get ride of deregulation for already out of control businesses — in the immediate aftermath of the biggest deregulation orgy since the 1920’s — would be a fairly tough sell to sentient beings  — even though many in their party and virtually all of the voters in their base probably do not fall in the “sentient being” category.

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So in the lead-up to the 2010 elections — in addition to the “death panels” and “government take-over” of  healthcare propaganda and outright lying scare tactics they employed — primarily because the bare-fisted facts are that the Affordable Care Act was Bob Dole, Richard Nixon, and the Heritage Foundation’s Republican healthcare plan — not a democratic – liberal – or progressive healthcare plan.  So they could not argue against the plan on its merits — because many of them had supported identical or similar plans sponsored by Republicans over the years.

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So the Republicans got away with lying in 2010 — crying out for jobs, the need to extend the Bush tax cuts to inspire the “job creators” to create those American jobs they are poised and waiting to create — saying the tax cuts must be extended to remove the “uncertainty” all those poor little businesses were feeling.  And, of course, death panels — big bad bully government – et al.  Let me remind you crooks and liars in the Republican party that the original tax cuts were passed under special rules by placing a ten year expiration on them.  That was how Republicans manipulated the system during Bush’s term and passed the tax cuts with a mere majority vote.

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You can hardly blame the GOP for lying instead of just governing competently and effectively, if the American people let them get away with it.  And they have — over and over again.  American voters  just keep falling for the same old, hackneyed lies — like mindless zombies.    So here the Republicans go, saying once again that the Bush tax cuts must be extended — you know, to get rid of that gnawing,  pesky old “uncertainty”  the timorous business tycoons have in their guts — and wallets.  This time though, they say the Bush tax cuts just need to be extended temporarily — so we can have some time to come up with “reasonable” tax reform — you know, to fix the messed up tax code.  So, in effect,  they lied to the American people to get a tax cut — calling it temporary — when actually they had no intention of ever letting it expire.  And the way they fight for the things they want is to plead that only by Republicans getting their way can  poor little fraidy cat businesses have the self-confidence to do business.  And I thought all those guys wanted was money — and that was why they were in business — so they could make money.   I guess they want security and risk free enterprise more than they want the free  market capitalism and competition they’re always howling about  — you know — that survival of the fittest business ideology they love.