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Bush Would Rather Not Be Remembered For Himself!

By Frank Byronn Glenn — I thought it was kind of hilarious last week when George W. Bush crawled out from under his “escape world-wide war crimes sentiment” rock, and said that he wished the “Bush tax cuts” were not named after him, because if they weren’t they’d have a better chance of lasting longer.  Bush in full Rhodes Scholar splendor, there!

He revealed that he doesn’t get out much since leaving the oval office, because he trotted out the old discredited saw that if you “raised taxes on the wealthy”, well, you’d be raising taxes on the “job creators”  (right, George, all those guys that took the trillion dollars tax cuts you gave them and ran right out and created jobs  all over the world — except the United States.  Like the wall street pundits said after the “bail-outs”.  Business feels that the new “play” in terms of global investment opportunities is in the “developing” countries.  Translate, business is booming in the countries we are “out-sourcing”  jobs to.

He also, like the last guy in the county  to find out his high school girl-friend is pregnant, stated quite emphatically that when the businesses feel a little “uncertain”, you know…because of taxes and things, it’s hard for them to create jobs and stuff ….because of the uncertain-ness of it all.  I miss those gems.   Not!

Look, you Republican cretins:  the Obama administration didn’t prosecute Bush and Cheney for “War Crimes” because he thought it might just be better if we all “looked forward, not backward”.   He compromised at every turn — sometimes — even before being asked to, because he wanted Washington to look “changed” and himself to resemble the reasonable guy — the adult — in the room.  And all we got was crazy – ineffectual — and dysfunctional governance out of Washington.  So you got pretty much everything you could have expected to have gotten when you are the political party out of power.

So please quit trotting Bush and Cheney out for press conferences like there was ever a time that anything they did was even intelligent, worthwhile, or even legitimate.  Bush was appointed once by the Supreme Court, and his Republican operatives and assorted henchmen stole it outright from Kerry in Ohio.  So you lie cheat and steal, like the liars and crooks that you are — and for the most part got away with it.  At least you are not in prison in some foreign country where you should be.

Spare us the pretense that this guy was ever anything but a daddy and crony orchestrated coup de tat el duce, and keep him and his embarrassingly deficient brain and mind off television and out of our our sight and out of earshot.    We can’t stand that sawed off Texas smart-ass creep!  Never could.  Never will!