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Congressional Republicans Should Follow The Advice They Gave Warren Buffet — And Reduce The Federal Budget Deficit By Not Taking Their Congressional Salaries and Benefits!

By Bifford Caulfield — When billionaire Warren Buffet expressed dismay at the tax code and called for higher tax rates on millionaires and billionaires — saying  and it was unconscionable that his secretary paid a higher tax rate than he, himself, did — Republicans cavalierly responded that if Mr. Buffet was so worried about not paying  enough taxes, he should just write the IRS a check — to make up for the difference between what he was paying and what he thought he should be paying.

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Speaker of the House Boehner this week rekindled the contentious and confrontational tones surrounding the increase in the federal government debt ceiling limit scheduled for later this year when he said that the only way the debt ceiling was going to be increased is if their were cuts made in government spending to offset the debt ceiling increase dollar for dollar.  He was careful to avoid mentioning the fact that the debt ceiling limit increase could also be paid for by slight tax increases on the rich and super rich.  The only way to reduce the deficit, in Boehner’s view, is to cut programs which benefit the middle class and working poor.

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So I think it would be only fair if we asked the Republicans to follow their own advice.  If Mitch McConnel, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan and the rest of the anti-government spending crowd are so worried about the budget deficit, they should follow the advice they gave Warren Buffet:  if you don’t like having a budget deficit, then quit paying yourselves such an outlandish amount of money.   Reduce the deficit by cutting spending —  on your salaries, benefits, and perks.  Work for $1 per year for the durations of your terms — and pay for your own health insurance.  I mean if you’re that concerned about it fellas — put your Congressional salaries, your government health insurance, and let’s even throw in 75% of your expense account money.  Set all that aside to help balance the budget.

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One of the quickest ways to but government spending is to eliminate waste, and I don’t think there is a bigger waste of money than the money we spend on Congress — especially the Republican Congress people.  No where in life do we pay so much and get so little.  And if you come to Washington with no intention of doing anything for the middle class and working poor — you are only there to serve your masters — the rich and super rich — then quit your government jobs and go to work directly for the economic royalists — and let them pay you.  At least you’d be honest men then.  And let us elect men and women who will work for us — the 99%.