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Obama Again Shows Courage And Leadership We Can Be Proud of With the “Dream” Executive Order!

By Frank Byronn Glenn –– President Obama — in the absence of any real leadership or statesmanship by Congress — once again provided leadership we can all be proud of when he issued and Executive Order permitting children who were brought here as illegal aliens by their parents when they were younger than 16 years of age — and are now less than 30 years of age — may apply for and receive temporary documentation allowing them to remain in the United States legally for at least two years — and potentially into the indeterminate future.

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Another great day in America — when our President simply stood up and announced a change in the way the immigration service is going to treat illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents when they were young.  A courage move — a timely move — and a long over-due move.  A refreshing step — giving hope to hundreds of thousands of people.  One we once again — like the President’s recently announced support of same-sex marriage rights — can be proud  of and greatful for — that we have a President with the courage and prescience to do something because it was the right thing to do.  Thank you, President Obama.  I am again proud to be an American today.